January Blues

How do you go through January? I fall into the trap of January Blues every single year! 

I woke up at 7 this morning, even though it’s Sunday, and then I just stayed in bed for the next 2 hours and only got up when I felt hungry. And then my breakfast ended up being bad. I do the same thing every morning and this morning it just ended up being wrong so I am eating fruit. The coffee is good, which is what matters. 

Yesterday I went on my walk and I spent the rest of the day being lazy, watching movies and reading. I did nothing and trust me I have things to do. I just hate this month, I hate the lack of daylight, I hate daylight savings time and I hate, hate, hate this January blues. I know it’s normal to feel like this and it happens to a lot of people but when I feel unmotivated or I lack the energy to do something I blame myself no matter how much scientific evidence there is that this happens and that it’s normal. 

I am going to go home to stay with my mom for a while hoping it will make me feel better because I won’t be alone.  

How do you deal with it? Is there a magic cure?  

You know what the problem is with the magic cure? The fact that it’s physical exercise and a balanced diet, it’s never movies and a bottle of wine. A bit unfair if you asked me, January isn’t giving us a chance.  

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4 thoughts on “January Blues

  1. Who says you can’t have movies and a bottle of wine in January? Just not every day! Lol 😆. I hope you enjoy the time spent with your Mum. I miss my mum. 🙏💙

  2. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Plan a vacation in Jan. That’s what we’ve been ding since the last couple of years. Travel where it’s nice and sunny.

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