Why is this so weird?

The safety restrictions in Croatia regarding Covid have been lifted. It is no longer obligatory to wear a mask in public transportation or in stores etc. It’s recommended but it’s not mandatory and as you can assume, no one is wearing them. The restrictions were lifted on the night from Friday to Saturday and people actually threw parties because why not. 

I had to catch a train on Saturday morning to go and stay with my mom for a few days and it was so weird going anywhere without a mask. I constantly had that feeling of forgetting something that you get when you leave for a trip and start thinking that you didn’t lock the house or turned off the stove.  

It was so weird to enter that train without a mask and to also walk through a store and actually see people’s faces and I mean their whole faces. I guess there’s a period in which we should get used to the “old” normal. And don’t even get me started with the fact that I cannot put on a jacket or take a bag that doesn’t have masks in it. They are in my pockets, in the pockets of my bags, on the shelve next to my apartment door where I keep my keys, glasses etc. It’s like they just keep reincarnating even after I throw them away. The only thing I want to randomly pull out of my jacket pocket is money I forgot about. That’s a nice surprise and it’s more useful than a used mask.  

What I am looking forward to is next month! My boyfriend is running the Wings for Life race which is in Zadar and as you know I lived and studied there and I love that city and I am so excited to go back there. I think I might film that weekend to finally get some content up on my youtube channel. I think that the hiatus I took from my blog is over because I am getting my creative itch back.  

How are things with you guys, what’s new with you? 


3 thoughts on “Why is this so weird?

  1. I’m in Sydney Australia We are all still wearing masks on public transport and in doctors surgeries and hospitals. There are still about 60% of people wearing them even where it is not compulsory. Can’t remember the last time I used money though I do prefer it sometimes.

  2. Glad you’re back.
    I imagine that it will take some time to adjust to not wearing masks again after so long. It’s become a habit and those take a while to break. Hope you and your boyfriend have fun.

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