I visited Italy!

Hello everyone! 

I finally visited Italy with my boyfriend. We had the best time! Our vacation was from the 3rd to the 10th of August. We visited Polignano a Mare and spent some time in Brindisi because or flight was Zagreb-Brindisi.  

It was just a week of relaxing, swimming, eating, drinking and enjoying life. I took my camera with me and have some footage that I plan to turn into a vlog, hopefully next week.  

For now, I have some pictures below for you. Also, you can visit my Instagram which is @luna.theblog and see some pics on my feed and highlighted stories “Italy”.  

Hope you like them! 

9 thoughts on “I visited Italy!

  1. Beautiful photos ❤️

  2. Glad you had a lovely time really enjoyed your photos 💕

  3. Hope you enjoy your time in Italy. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos

  4. Very beautiful photos.

  5. Nice shots. U two really had a good time

  6. Great pics.

  7. So glad you went and had a great time! Thanks for adding the photos-they inspire me to want to take a trip next spring. . .

  8. Good to see you enjoying life in such a beautiful area.

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