My Graduation Ceremony

I know I promised to have this post up on Wednesday but unfortunately I’ve been so tired and occupied the last few days that I didn’t come around to it but here it is now. I had my bachelor’s degree graduation ceremony on Tuesday. I have a bachelor’s in Italian and Spanish philology. I’ve spent Monday and Tuesday in Zadar, the city where I studied, and it was amazing. I didn’t even know how much I needed to get back to that city, see my friends, feel like a student again and just remind myself that my current situation is just temporary (but I will write another post about it). I invited my mother, uncle, friends Ivana and Isabella to attend the ceremony and later on we went to a bar to drink a round of shots and we had a pleasant lunch at a restaurant. Here are some pics for you!

Weekend in Opatija

I realized it’s been a while since I posted something about my life, things I do and so on and, after doing some analysis on my previous posts, it came to my attention that you actually liked those posts, commented a lot so I decided to do one more again.

It won’t be a very elaborate post or contain a lot of pics but there’s a good reason for that. I spent the weekend after Valentines with my boyfriend in Opatija. Opatija is a beautiful city on the Croatian coast, one of the most beautiful to be honest. The weekend was great, we stayed at a nice hotel, went to a nice restaurant, took a long walk along the beach and all of that stuff couples do on Valentines. I don’t have a lot of pictures because my caveman boyfriend hates taking pictures and doesn’t even own any type of social media account. I mean, good for him and his mental health, but bad for me as a blogger. Just kidding, I actually admire him for being so, how should I say, “offline”.

Here are literally the only pics from the weekend I have, some of the were Instagram stories so they will have the location tag or something. Tell me now, have you ever visited Croatia?

And of course, the dress I had on during our night out.


Poem #129 – The Bleeding Sun

I saw the sun bleeding so much beauty
over the sea while it danced to the sound
playing in my head all day.

Like it listened, like it heard the struggle
I’m in. Like it understood that I needed peace.

I thought to myself – if the sea can be beautiful
in its riot of drops and waves than I can find
one thought that will keep me on my feet.

So much has happened and so much has
changed. Even the sun is disappearing from my
horizon. But soon after the moon rose and it
reminded me why I decided to share the name with him.

So strong even when he’s small. The only light
in the dark nights. He always finds a way to show
himself, no matter how many times he disappears.

Inspire me and revive me. Give me new
meaning and lead me. Moon, you messenger
that there is always something good to be found
even in the darkest night, help me sleep tonight.

Life exhausted me and left me sitting on this
beach and I feel alone but that’s alright because
I’m looking at the sun bleeding so much beauty over
the sea and setting the territory for the moon to share some
light upon the lost.

Poem #28

The sun was reflecting off the surface
off the sea and it looked so beautiful and
so calm like the universe was trying to greet us.
For a moment the troubles were gone inside the
divine light of the day.

The seagulls were flying high up over the sky,
a fisherman was standing at the dock.
You could hear the waves hitting the shore
and feel the salt on your skin and the word
felt oh, so very infinite.


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beach bar mango beach bar blue hawaiian cocktails food and wine food greeting to the sun greetings to the sun pizza received_864888096949978 sea selfie selfies sunset

From Tuesday to Friday I’ve finally had the chance to embrace the fact that I live in one of the most beautiful cities on the Croatian seaside. I’ve had my last exam on Tuesday and then my high school friend Isabella came to visit and we just enjoyed those few days in Zadar.


We’ve spent our days on the beach, sunbathing, swimming, drinking cocktails and eating. Every evening we would get ready and go out to have some dinner, drink some wine and cocktails and sit on the greetings to the sun.

I just enjoyed this few days with her because I really needed a break from life. On Friday the smart thing we should’ve done was stay in and pack my stuff because I had to empty my apartment but nooooooo. We went to the beach again, had lunch out and drank some cocktails. I’ve tried a cocktail called Liquid cocaine and I love it. Definitely drinking it again!

After running around the apartment we finally packed my stuff, placed them in the car and went home. Even in the car we had a good time because something just hit us. Was it the sun, the cocktails – I don’t know but everything was just funny. The only regret we had on the way home was not stopping at Burger King.

All in all I’ve had a great time with my friend and we will repeat this next year, for sure!

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Zadar’s flower

Zadar looks so beautiful! There’s an exhibition currently taking place there and it’s called “Zadar’s flower”. I went for a walk with my friend yesterday to check it out and I was just left impressed with how much work did everyone put into this exhibition and how beautiful it all looks.

The exhibition was set on the Zadar’s seafront so the smell of flowers intertwined divinely with the smell of the sea salt. After the walk my friend and I grabbed a cup of coffee, chatted for a bit and then went home. Here’s some pictures for you now.

20160422_133141 cats 20160422_132943 20160422_133010 20160422_133014 20160422_133030 20160422_133051 20160422_133131

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Running, studying, dying…

Running, studying, dying…

I’ve realized it has been too long since I posted anything so I decided to do a random blog post to tell you what I have been up to lately.

I’ve been up to STUDYING! That’s the reason why I’ve been so lazy lately on the blog. The last week of January was awful, I had about 9 exams, managed to take only 7 and this is the month of my final exams and I have so much work to do.

Haven’t slept properly in weeks but it’s worth it because my grades, are really good, only A for now and that makes me very happy.


I have no obligations today, except for studying, but my inner alarm woke me up really early and I decided to jog because it’s a lovely day here. When I was half way done I stretched my legs on the beach and the view was just great. I’m completely out of shape so I didn’t run for long but I think I’m going to start running more often to just get those endorphins running and get my body back on track.

Since me and my roommate have been so busy lately we hadn’t had time to do some grocery shopping and earlier today we came to a conclusion that we don’t even have enough food to make lunch so we went to the school cafeteria (let’s call it that)and ate lunch there.


I just went all casual. Got my white Nike’s, simple, dark blue shirt from Stradivarius, jogger pants and a SheInside leather jacket. I also took a small leather backpack and that was it.

We walked a bit on our way home and took some pictures and now back to the damn books. Hope your week is going better than mine, have fun everyone and don’t forget to follow me on my social media. Loveeee you!

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