Everything is wrong so I made pancakes

So everything has been going wrong lately, but I have pancakes. The pancakes are done with vanilla protein pudding, egg, a bit of flour and on the side I have some banana, whipped ricotta with honey and cinnamon and a bit of jam to make it sweeter. It’s pretty, look:

So what was it that went wrong? I am on a hunt for a new apartment, AGAIN. Anyone who lives alone and has to look for a place in Zagreb knows that it’s hell. Zagreb hates people who live alone. They want to drain our wallets and kill our souls. I know I will not find an apartment like the one I have now for the same amount of money and I will probably have to give 120€ more in rent and depending on how the utilities are handled, that could also be higher in cost. I have spent the last 10 days just calculating how am I going to cover everything without being left with 10€ at the end of every month and being able to travel every now and then and have some fun and you know… live.

If you are wondering why I have to move, it’s because the apartment I live in flooded and it will take a lot of time to fix everything in that place and I have to move. I have a roof over my head currently and I still have 20 days to find a new place. It is not going that well. I will explain everything in a video when I finally find something new, it’s a long story.

What’s worrying is the fact that I did want to move out of this apartment and I have been searching for months and now I have 20 days to do what I couldn’t do in a few months. Ain’t that motivating. But I am keeping a positive attitude, convinced I will find something good enough that won’t eat away at half my paycheck.

Keep your fingers crossed!
And make yourself some pancakes with whipped ricotta because Mondays suck enough as it is, treat yourself.


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6 thoughts on “Everything is wrong so I made pancakes

  1. My fingers and toes are crossed for you. Pancakes, now you’ve planted the thought I must have them!

  2. I hope you find a place soon! That’s so stressful. Sometimes all you can do is make pancakes and vent.

  3. The perfect (short-term) solution! They look truly delicious!

  4. Sometimes, the answer is pancakes.

  5. When in doubt, pancakes to the rescue!

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