Weekend pancakes

Good morning guys and happy weekend!

Today is my work Saturday but I woke up feeling all types of happy for no apparent reason. I was also inspired to make this fitness friendly Saturday breakfast which includes pancakes.

I already told you that I am struggling to stay healthy and active during quarantine and I successfully turned it into my daily habit. I don’t skip my workouts and I try to eat a healthy and balanced diet. It is really paying off since I have been feeling much better and am able to cope with this current situation with a positive attitude.

My shift starts at noon and after that I will be resting and tomorrow I am going over to my sisters where we are celebrating Mother’s day. I can’t wait for my nephew to give me a proper workout because that child never stops. He is super active and is always running around. The last time I spent the morning with him my tights were killing me because he made me jump with him for hours on his trampoline. Yes, he has a trampoline (long story).

I am really happy about Croatia slowly going out of quarantine. Our bars and restaurants are being opened starting 11/5/ and there are less restrictions. We already know this will probably cause a new surge in the number of ill people, but I think that we will get through this fine because we became much more careful. I just hope people will still practice social distancing and keep themselves safe.

How is the situation in your country and what are your plans for the weekend?

Sunday Funday

nephew pancake family food

On Saturday, my birthday, the weather was just awful. It was cold, windy and rainy so I’ve spent my birthday recovering from the previous night out with my girls. Yesterday my mum and sister took me out to eat pancakes and celebrate my birthday. Of course that my little nephew was also there to make my day. You see the pictures very well so I don’t think I need to say how good the pancakes were.

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Pancakes for dinner

Today I’ve got an A from one of my toughest exams and my roommate and I went out to celebrate with some pancakes. And yes, they were as good as they look.

pancakesMy roommate went for a Raffaello coconut version while I went all chocolate. Mine is with Nutella, Kinder Bueno, chocolate mousse and some bananas inside, you know I just wanted to keep it healthy haha.

chocolateI love the interior design of this pancake bar. It’s modern but a bit rustic and it just has a nice atmosphere. When you sit there you feel like home. Here are some pictures.

coushin time clocks lanterns

homeI wore a whole black outfit in order to make myself look slimmer after the sugar bomb I ate. Just kidding, most of the time I wear black. I’m in love with my new hat because it’s just so beautiful, goes good with everything and most importantly hides bad hair days.

all black outfit ootdI’m going to spend the rest of the evening on the couch watching TV shows and being fat. Have fun guys, kisses!

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Saturday breakfast

So I’ve been through a lot this week, from my illness to my exam, so I just decided to treat myself this morning with some pancakes.

saturday pancakes

I don’t think I ever talk about this, but I just loooooove food and also I’m big on healthy eating but not in the way that I’m going to judge people for not eating healthy or try to make you convince you should prep your meals in advance etc. I just eat mostly healthy for me and my pancakes are also semi-healthy so I will just put the recipe here if you want to try them.


  • whole wheat flour
  • 2 egg whites, one egg yolk
  • baking powder
  • honey, sugar, stevia or any other sweetener
  • milk (low fat, almond, soy….)

Put the egg whites into a special bowl and mix them until you get an egg whites snow. In another bowl mix your egg yolk with some milk and add flour, baking powder and something to sweeten it up if you want to. Put the egg whites into the mixture with a wooden spoon. It’s important to do it like that so it keeps it’s texture.

Get some oil (I used coconut oil) into the pan and make little pancakes. If you didn’t add any sweetener into the mixture you can eat them with some honey, maple sirup or, like I did, with some jam. I buy this jam for years because it has a higher percentage of fruit and has some chunks of fruit in it and it’s sooooo delicious. Hope you like my recipe and that you’ll try it!

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