Apartment fever

Panic is slowly taking over me. I have two weeks to move out and I still do not have an apartment and the listings are getting worse every day.

The biggest problem is that I cannot just ask my landlord to stay for a few more days if I don’t find something new, because I am literally living in their apartment. On the 20th I have to be out. Now will it be out in a new apartment or out under a bridge is still pending.

I actually went to see an apartment which I didn’t like from the start, but I am desperate and I literally came to the door and the lady told me that she gave it to the girl who came before me. I screamed internally because this is a giant issue for me. I cannot go and check out apartments from 8-4 because I am working and that puts me in a great disadvantage because a lot of students who have more flexibility with their time come before me and that the apartments.

I am trying to be positive and learn from my previous experiences. The last two apartments I moved into, I found them at the last second. When I moved into my now flooded apartment, I found him like 3-4 days before I had to move out of my old one. Maybe it happens again this time. I hope it will because I really don’t want to be forced to move into a place I can barely afford or, even worse, move into a place that is horrible just because it’s the only thing I could find.

I was working from home for the past two weeks and I couldn’t even go home to see my mom because I had to stay in Zagreb in case I see an apartment I like so I can hurry and see it and potentially take it before anyone else does. It’s like a race. I constantly have three tabs open with apartment listings and I am just hitting refresh every 10 minutes. I even tried calling for some apartments that are a bit above my price range to see if I can negotiate the price, but the answer was always no. The mantra of landlords in Zagreb is “The price stays the same, sooner or later someone is going to rent it” because they know there’s a big demand for rentals here.

I kind of promised myself that this would be last damn time I moved to a rented apartment. After I move this time, the only way I am moving out is if I buy an apartment or move back home. I cannot do this again. I am saying that I kind of promised because I cannot afford to buy a place in Zagreb and I have no intention of moving back home. But it’s nice to dream about getting my own place here.

I just saw a reel yesterday saying how people talk about “baby fever” but nobody talks about “apartment fever”. I absolutely have apartment fever. I just don’t have the money to cure this fever.

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3 thoughts on “Apartment fever

  1. Praying that the right apartment at the right price is around the corner for you Luna! 🙏💚

  2. Fingers crossed! 🤞🤞🤞


  3. Interesting. I am trying to find a roommate to share the house I am leasing. Finding one has been disappointing. The two rarely meet. Looking and the found.

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