Poem #321

I’ve found a box and locked myself in it.
Something about the dark and the silence
called to me and I forgot where the opening is.

With time the edges got jagged
so I became a burden to those who
wanted to carry me around.
I know I am cutting into their skin, to the bone
I know I am the problem
There’s no other answer to the question
why so many moved the box out of their lives

So when someone picks me up,
I do my best to polish the edges,
not let it all get out,
conceal and think ahead
don’t let them know my mind
because it’s such a scary place.

I became mute,
scared of making a choice,
scared of being put in the charity pile
and so desperate for someone who will
pull off the lid and help me get out.

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6 thoughts on “Poem #321

  1. It is your authentic brokenness that I feel, hear and see the accepting reflections of myself. Be blessed and well my friend.

  2. Damn. Beautiful and raw. Thanks for sharing.

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