I dream of the sea

I literally catch myself just daydreaming about the sea and being on the beach and listening to waves and having a cold drink after a sunbathing session.

I need a vacation and I need it now. Not even a vacation. I absolutely believe I was born to live by the sea. There is nothing that can calm me down as much as the sea or just in general being close to a body of water (but I prefer the sea over everything else).

It is summer in Croatia, the tourists are coming and we are slowly reaching the temperatures where you can sit and do nothing and still sweat.

I am very excited about July because I will have two weeks off work and I will also celebrate my birthday. I am turning 25 on July 16th and I have mixed feeling about growing old as always but it is what it is. Last year around the same time as this year I was on vacation with my boyfriend and celebrated my birthday with a birthday lunch in the most beautiful city called Vrbnik on the island Krk.

Let’s just reminisce about that trip (my vlogging skills were 0 when I started Youtube and I was very uncomfortable in front of the camera):

My mom is coming over next week because she is going on vacation. It’s like a group trip to the seaside. I am honestly a bit worried about her going alone but she really needs some time off and to be away from everyone and I understand that. I will be calling her religiously every single day at least twice while she’s on vacation and so will my sister because both of us are overly attached to our mommy.

I am going to work now and pretend like the buildings I see through my window are not there and that there’s a beautiful sea. The only thing about being a writer is that your imagination can come up with a lot of scenarios.

Love you all, have a great friday!

Sending love and positive vibes,

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3 thoughts on “I dream of the sea

  1. Good July perspective. 25 years is anniversary, a quarter of a century. Sending positive vibes 😍

  2. I cannot wait to get to the beach myself this summer. I spent a week in the mountains and that was lovely!

  3. The beach is my happy place. 😊

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