Hitting a personal milestone

With the weather getting colder and especially on rainy days like this, I started to crave soups. Today I tried the roasted tomato soup and I am in love.  

Since I cannot make some croutons or garlic bread for my soup, I make this sort of potato breads. It’s just three ingredients – potatoes, rice flour and a bit of honey. I got them recipe online, it’s a vegan, gluten free take on the Irish potato bread because this is my life now.  

I am also hitting one personal milestone this week. I will finally finish a whole workout program. I know it sounds stupid to some, but in my years of on and off working out I have never finished a workout program so this is really important for me. I am on day 47 and only three more days of workouts to go! The program I am on is Caroline Girvan’s Epic I program and it’s brutal for someone who has never done a lot of exercises with weights.  

Before starting I got two pairs of dumbbells, one lighter and one heavier. I also have booty bands and my workout mat and that was all that is necessary and through this program I really learned a lot and discovered what my body is actually capable of. In the beginning I couldn’t do some exercises or I couldn’t keep up but after a few weeks I noticed a lot of change in my strength and abilities.  

I am very proud of myself so I had to share. There’s also Epic II program and even Epic III, but I will not jump straight into Epic II. I am probably going home this weekend, so I will take the week I spend home to focus on some shorter workouts, stretching exercises and also to do my knee exercises because they are starting to act up again. 

Also, next week I have my appointment with the ophthalmologist so I will probably get glasses soon. We’ll see! 


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8 thoughts on “Hitting a personal milestone

  1. Hope you settle in your new sweet home. May lots loving and great memories be made in this new sanctuary.

  2. That soup and the potato cakes sound amazing. Recipe?

    1. I got everything online so here are the links. The soup https://www.ambitiouskitchen.com/homemade-roasted-tomato-basil-soup/
      The bread https://www.unconventionalbaker.com/recipes/gluten-free-vegan-irish-potato-farls/
      Regarding the Irish potato bread, I have to go with this vegan, gluten free option but there are other recipes that include milk, eggs etc., and I did try the bread with the original recipe before switching to a different diet and it’s yummy!

  3. Home sweet home 🥰 I too love soups! Enjoy settling in to your new space my friend!

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