Pizza and coding

Guys, sometimes you need a slice of pizza, a drink of your choice and have a “me” evening to just you know, sit down and figure…. What the fuck is going on?

Now that I opened your appetite and you are ordering a pizza, let me tell you what’s been happening. I told you that I have had this desire to go back to school again and make some change in my life. I know that this might be me getting a new project just to keep myself occupied, but this has been going on for a while. It’s an on and off desire I have and it started a few months after I left grad school.

I don’t want to go back to studying languages, I am well aware that those three years I studied Italian and Spanish were not what I wanted or needed. I think I just wanted to go to UNI and I went to study the thing I believed I was good at. I was never deeply passionate about it. I like foreign languages, but not in a study kind of way. More like, I would like to travel, learn the language “on the go” and have this ability to connect with people in their own language. I just explained in a paragraph why studying foreign languages was a mistake for me and that I wasted three years of my life.


What has been going through my head recently is front-end developing. If you are thinking to yourself “This girl has no background in programming, what is she talking about” let me just tell you that you are absolutely correct but that is not going to stop me. All I have to do is learn how to code. EASY!

Just kidding, it’s really not but right now I have a feeling like I need to steer my career goals in this direction. Also, in this way I would be able to study without it affecting my job. I don’t want to leave my job or become a student and go to a student contract. I love my financial independence too much and I like the concept of a university and grad school too little to do that.

I am diving into the world of HTML and CSS starting tomorrow and I don’t know if I will be able to teach myself the basics I need to actually get into a front-end developing course. This is going to be fun. I know I am a stubborn person when it comes to studying and I am very independent as well. My attention for listening to a course or a class I am not interested in is zero but I passed all my exams always by studying by myself. I think what was exhausting to me during grad school is that I was well aware of the fact that I did not want to be there.

So that’s what I’ve been thinking about lately. I already got a book on HTML and CSS, I have some online classes I am going to listen to because I think I need some guidance regarding this and we’ll see if I will actually decide to go down this path.

Have you ever drastically changed your career, profession? Tell me all about it down in the comments, would love to hear your experiences!

Sending love and positive vibes,

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5 thoughts on “Pizza and coding

  1. I can understand your plight about going to school for years and feeling liked you wasted your time. But at least the experience taught you want you want out of language learning and now you are heading off in a new directions. Sometimes you need to experience things before you find your path. I applaud you for diving into the unknown realm of coding. Not everyone is brave enough to make a complete professional switch so its commendable.
    Traditional school is a bit of a turn off for me these days, I prefer studying own my own at my own pace as well.
    Good luck on your coding journey.

  2. This sounds like a exciting new adventure! I have had several course corrections over my career that finally led me to my current work in human services. It definitely wasn’t where I started, but the process I took to get here made all the difference. I also have a lot of side projects to keep my mind busy!
    On another note, several years I dove into HTML and CSS and really enjoyed it. Just knowing the basics of how code works is helpful in so many ways. And, HTML and CSS is often referred to a language, so I wonder if some of the skills that you learned will transfer to this new project.

  3. You go girl! Fantastic plan. You can do coding. If you can blog you can write computer code. Especially HTML with CSS. You can learn it online or in person, or both at once, since you’ll be online anyway writing html and posting it to the school’s servers. It’s fun to type in some code, upload it to the school’s computer, refresh the screen and watch your website instantly change. Coding is sort of like magic spells, if you learn html’s rather simple rules and type the code correctly then magic happens. You are smart and detail oriented so you will succeed. You will love it. Good luck.

  4. Good luck with the new education venture.

  5. Totally understandable. I just graduated, even though I love content writing I don’t think I can give up on data science. I hope you love coding. Maybe you can try back end languages like SQL. It”s quite interesting too.

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