I became a community manager!

Hello everyone!

I told you that I’ll be explaining soon why I have been so much off the grid lately so here it is. Next to my job in Calzedonia I became a community manager for a coworking company in my hometown called Stir UP!

I am so excited about this job opportunity especially because it gives me the chance to work and explore the field of social media and digital marketing which I am currently studying. My co-workers are great and the space is beautiful and so inspiring. Anyways, enough talking, here are some pictures. Tell me what you all think!

45 thoughts on “I became a community manager!

  1. Well done. I’m happy for you. I can read the joy in your words and feel it in your smile. A tangible change that is bound to catapult you upwards into the reality of your dreams. Seems like a place you can immerse your full soul into like a warm cozy bubble bath…but do remember not to fall asleep in there. That’s what home is for. I truly send you all my best Poetess, even if we unnoticeable diverge from each others sight.

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  2. Many congratulations….the happiness in your words can be sensed & can be seen in your picture. The best among all these pictures is the one where your eyes are shining & you are happy from the core.

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