A team building lunch

Hello everyone!

In the past few days I have been living my best life foodwise and beerwise. Yesterday I got up in the morning, had to do some shopping and then I met up with my coworkers at Stir Up. We had a brainstorming session and drank some coffee and then we went to have some lunch together and a few beers because we haven’t had any, how should I say, holiday meetup to just have fun and talk a bit.

Yesterday’s outfit looks good on a picture. The scarf and the pants didn’t like each other because everything from the scarf got stuck to the pants and I had to clean them every 10 minutes. But I still love it, especially the jacket!


lunch beer

For lunch I had tortillas because I couldn’t stand the sight of meat and fried food. I had too much junk food in the last few days and this was a better option. We had a great time at lunch and then I spent the day on the blog. I am looking for a new design, new theme for the blog, I want to customize it a bit. Small changes are always welcome.

Just want to remind you that you have until tonight to go and read our first Coffe date with Luna and participate in our gratitude post. I will be publishing all of your lovely comments later tonight.

As for New Years, I have some really special plans. I had some food, beer and movies. I will also be looking stunning in my outfit which is actually my leopard print payama. As you can tell, I do not have some special plans for tonight and I will be chilling at home but do share in the comments what your plans are!

Sending love and positive vibes,

Pasta with veggies and squid


squidwardI went to the store to do some shopping and, as always, I’ll never leave the store without something that wasn’t on the shopping list. Today it was a squid.

LUNCHAll you need is some squid, pasta, zucchini, tomatoes, olive oil, onions and spices. While the pasta is cooking put the olive oil into the pan and cook your chopped up onion until golden brown. Add the squid, zucchini and tomatoes and season with some pepper and salt. I also used granulated garlic.

When the pasta is done just throw it into the pan, mix it all up and if you want you can add some more spices. The tomatoes will be like a sauce and the squid will give it all a nice flavor. I ate it with some toasted bread and arugula salad. Hope you like it!

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Veggies and rice

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a wonderful day. I’m spending my studying but I took some time off to cook. This is extremely easy and not so fast, because I used brown rice and it takes some time to prepare it.


Anyways, I just made some rice, chickpeas, vegetables (carrots,corn and brussels sprouts). I just mixed it all together with some ingredients and it was delicious. Now back to the books.

Also, I’m working on a new poem so hopefully I’ll finish it by next week so don’t forget to follow my blog and read it.

Have a beautiful weekend!
XOXO, Luna

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Bon Appetit to meee. So this is one of my favorite kinds of lunch where I mix pasta with veggies and chicken. Well, you can assume that one of the languages I study is Italian when I eat this much pasta.


My pasta sauce is kind of improvised. I threw in some onions onto heated olive oil, then some tomatoes and spices. It turned out pretty good. I also have this tendency to put cayenne pepper into everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. I like my food spicy.

So, what’s your favorite kind of lunch, comment below. And also be sure to check out my latest poem called Wrong turn and tell me what you think.

XOXO, Luna.

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Little breakfast sandwiches

Good Morning! I’m going to die of boredom today. It was raining all night long and it’s cold outside so no beach for me today. I think I’ll start reading a book. The owner of the apartment left some book behind so I’ll check out if they’re any good.

Anyway I started my day with a bit of unusual breakfast for me. Most of the days I have oatmeal and fruit but today I didn’t feel like eating it. I got some whole wheat crackers, peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and bananas, cream cheese and chicken salami, an apple and of course that my daily dose of caffeine is here! I’m Luna and I’m a coffee addict.

Also yesterday I started doing 30 days of yoga with Adriene (hope I spelled her name correctly). Does anybody have some experience with her or any recommendations for me? I usually workout at least 4 times a week but I’ve always only done pilates, cardio and some Shaun T workouts because I love him and yoga is a whole new world for me.

So what are you guys up to today? 😀