Give me all the chickpeas


I got back to cooking again. I messed up my diet during my vacation in Istria so I have been trying to get back on track for the last two weeks. Today I have a chickpea day. This is my favorite chickpea stew and the bread is also made out of chickpea flour because, as you already know, I have a bunch of intolerances which make it impossible for me to buy bread in the store.  

Can you tell that I love olives?

Ever since I started to fix my diet and did the intolerance test, I can honestly say that I have been feeling great. I can see significant changes to my health and also to my food preferences. When I crave something sweet, I tend to go to fruit, honey and healthy homemade candy rather than chocolate and a bunch of ice cream as I used to. I don’t even crave sugar as much as I used to. 

But there is one more thing that started to happen regarding my food preferences and I don’t know what to think about it.  

Meat became so unappetizing for me which is a big problem because it’s one of the things I am not intolerant to at all. I was always picky about eating meat, mostly I ate chicken, turkey, ham and pancetta. Now I cannot stand chicken, turkey so-so, don’t want any ham, can still eat pancetta (there’s actually bacon in my stew). 

And I also like to eat fish but I never count it in the meat category.  

One of the reasons why this is an issue for me is because I cannot eat soy so there goes my vegetarian meat substitute but I just cannot bring myself towards eating meat because it ruins my meals. Yesterday I was so over everything that I literally had broccoli, spinach and cauliflower for lunch. That was eat, I ate like a little bunny.  

I am thinking about going to a more Mediterranean diet again and cutting out meat but leaving fish in. I am kind of scared I might not have enough protein in my meals but I am not about to force myself to eat something that doesn’t sit right with me anymore.  

Did you ever make some drastic change in your diet such as cutting out red meat, meat in general or going vegan? How did you do it, what do you think about it, got any advice? 

I watched “What the Health” on Netflix and it really did encourage me to cut out meat because, according to them, we can get all of our protein from plants and it will boost up our immune system and help fight diseases. There are a lot of conflicting information out there when it comes to food and diet and it’s especially difficult to navigate it because we all already now that labs and experts are sometimes paid by massive food corporations to put out information that benefit these massive companies and their sales. Also, watch “What the Health” on Netflix, it’s really interesting and it gives a whole new perspective into our modern diet.  

I am going to go now and get me some more of this delicious stew now! Hope you are all having a great week  


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