Where’s my candy?

Gooooooooooood Morning! 

Yesterday we finally had our big family lunch and my boyfriend came by for the first time to hang out with my family for a bit and it was as good and fun and as awkward as family lunches and boyfriend introductions go. Good food, talking, joking, and a bit of awkward silence.

I have to say that we had to convince my nephew to be nice to him and to not cause his scenes but my boyfriend was smart enough to come with a bribe in the form of candy and a stuffed snowman and my nephew was sold. My nephew did have the need to sit on my lap and hug me a lot as if he was trying to say “I like the toy, candy is good but we need to be clear on the fact that this is still my aunt” 

My only problem yesterday was that I was tired. I spent the evening before watching Money Heist and I went to bed on time but, I don’t know if it was the full moon or what, I couldn’t fall asleep. I think I slept for about 4 hours and then I had to get up and catch my train. I was so, so very tired. I came back to my apartment after 7, showered, prepared what I needed to prepare for today and I was in bed at 9. I don’t think I went to sleep that early in years but I needed it. Now I feel refreshed and ready to start my week. 

When you live alone Saint Nicholas does not bring you anything no matter how clean your boot is so there was no gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free candy for me this morning. But I will get my own candy! 

How did your week start, was there any candy waiting for you? 


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