Pasta with veggies and squid


squidwardI went to the store to do some shopping and, as always, I’ll never leave the store without something that wasn’t on the shopping list. Today it was a squid.

LUNCHAll you need is some squid, pasta, zucchini, tomatoes, olive oil, onions and spices. While the pasta is cooking put the olive oil into the pan and cook your chopped up onion until golden brown. Add the squid, zucchini and tomatoes and season with some pepper and salt. I also used granulated garlic.

When the pasta is done just throw it into the pan, mix it all up and if you want you can add some more spices. The tomatoes will be like a sauce and the squid will give it all a nice flavor. I ate it with some toasted bread and arugula salad. Hope you like it!

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