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I’m so tired. I’ve studied until midnight, woke up around 6 and kept on studying. I’ve had two exams today and, pardon my French, I feel like shit.

selfieI know for sure I’ll pass one of my exams and fingers crossed for the other one. That exam was so critical that me and my friend went day drinking. So much responsibility. This beautiful alcoholic beverage is called rakija and if you come to Croatia you have to try it.

rakijaThe today’s sunset made it all much better. It was just amazing and I also love the Zadar’s bridge at night.

sunset zadarI’m pausing this Friday night and chilling at home. I’ll take a shower and then I’ll do something I didn’t do in a long time. I’m turning off my damn alarm. It will be an alarm-free morning. Tomorrow I’ll do some cleaning around the apartment and I’ll just try to recharge my batteries for a new week. All of you have fun this Friday night. Kisses!

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