Killing those exams

One more exam done! I’ve pulled so many all-nighters that if there wasn’t for the sun and the moon i wouldn’t know the difference between night and day. But it’s really worth it, look at these beautiful grades. Just three more to go.

examsI just went with some sport/casual style because I had no strength to look decent in the morning. I’ve placed on some sweatpants, simple shirt, jacket, Nike’s and ready to go.

ootdAll I could think about was coffee and the Spanish constitution of 1978 haha. I don’t know if I ever mentioned it but I study Spanish language and literature and Italian language and literature and I also study Portuguese. I’m all about those languages.

Had to put some red lipstick on to put some color to my lifeless face. If I had a #iwokeuplikethis selfie people would genuinely be scared of me. My eye bags game is strong.

selfieI just need to survive until the end of the month and then I’m going to sleep and sleep and sleep some more and finally by the end of March I’ll go home to my family. Haven’t seen them since Christmas because they live 400km away and also I’m so excited because I’m becoming an aunt this year. I just can’t wait for my little nephew David to be born because I can already imagine his tiny little feet and arms and face. He shall be adorableee.

Now back to my linguistics. God I’m going insane. Hope you’re having a better week than I am. Kisses :*

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2 thoughts on “Killing those exams

  1. You look very pretty even with the simple outfit!

    1. Well thank you 😊

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