Weekend pancakes

Good morning guys and happy weekend!

Today is my work Saturday but I woke up feeling all types of happy for no apparent reason. I was also inspired to make this fitness friendly Saturday breakfast which includes pancakes.

I already told you that I am struggling to stay healthy and active during quarantine and I successfully turned it into my daily habit. I don’t skip my workouts and I try to eat a healthy and balanced diet. It is really paying off since I have been feeling much better and am able to cope with this current situation with a positive attitude.

My shift starts at noon and after that I will be resting and tomorrow I am going over to my sisters where we are celebrating Mother’s day. I can’t wait for my nephew to give me a proper workout because that child never stops. He is super active and is always running around. The last time I spent the morning with him my tights were killing me because he made me jump with him for hours on his trampoline. Yes, he has a trampoline (long story).

I am really happy about Croatia slowly going out of quarantine. Our bars and restaurants are being opened starting 11/5/ and there are less restrictions. We already know this will probably cause a new surge in the number of ill people, but I think that we will get through this fine because we became much more careful. I just hope people will still practice social distancing and keep themselves safe.

How is the situation in your country and what are your plans for the weekend?

7 thoughts on “Weekend pancakes

  1. Love the determination and the breakfast looks so delicious

  2. Hi Luna Thankyou for taking the time read my blog, its lovely to hear about your lockdown life I’m keeping myself busy with creativity, walking meditation and mindfulness. I’m in Wigan 🇬🇧 Namaste xx

  3. The situation varies a lot (!) from state to state in the US. New York is hardest hit. Here in Michigan, we’re still under stay at home until at least 5/28. But, many states in the South and West have begun to reopen. Stay safe, Luna. Those pancakes, or flapjacks as some here would call them, look delic.

  4. Looks good. New York State got hit hard, more so in the NYC area than here upstate, though Rochester got hit hard enough. Things are leveling out but the “New York on pause” has been extended through mid-June.

    I’m scanning negatives at the moment.

  5. Hope you have great fun at the family time together.

  6. Is that Nutella on the pancakes?!?! Looks yummy! Loving your quarantine meals! 😉

  7. We in Britain are shambles! but life goes on even if no one really knows the rules!

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