It wasn’t enough

When vacations on the seaside are involved, it will never be enough.

I am back everyone. If you follow me on IG, you noticed already that I have been on vacation for the past few days. Yesterday I got back to Zagreb and I want to go back. Waking up without making plans of going to the beach or visiting a new city was very underwhelming.

I still have a whole week left out of the office and I have no special plans for it. The only exciting thing happening is that I am attending a weeding on Friday with my mom.

So, for vacation this year we went to Istria. More specifically, we went to Pjescana Uvala but we did go around a lot. We did not have a lot of time there, so we had to make the best out of every day. We left on the 14th and came back yesterday on the 18th.

On the first day we came pretty late because we had three stops before making it to the room we rented. First we stopped over in Delnice to see my friend and her newborn and after that, my boyfriend gave me my birthday gift a bit early. My birthday was on the 16th of July, but since we were travelling on the 14th I got my gift then. He took me to a zipline in Pazin. Last year I wanted to go but we didn’t so this year it was my birthday surprise. Guys, I don’t know why I wanted to do it in the first place, it was terrifying. We were in a group with a few people from the Netherlands and I was the last one to go down. I was so scared that it took the girl who was there a few minutes to convince me to just let go. It wasn’t comfortable letting go because there is a sinkhole, an abyss below you.

This is a face that screams: “IS SOMEBODY GOING TO CATCH ME NOW??!?!”

When I made it to the other side on the first zipline, I even got an applause from everyone. It was scary but overall a great experience. The trick was to just let go.

After surviving that, we had lunch and then went to our room and visited the beach the same day. God, I missed the sea!

During out stay, we explored Pjescana Uvala a bit, Pula and Rovinj. I wish we had more time to visit more cities, but at the same time I am happy we were able to go on vacation at all.

Here below are some pics from the trip and you already know I am preparing a travel vlog for my Youtube channel. Speaking of it, I know I haven’t posted a lot on Youtube lately, but make sure to check out my previous videos while I get a new one ready for you all: My channel

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  1. Lovely pictures. Happy belated birthday to you 🎂 🎉 🎈 🎁

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