Me and my shoes

I used to be a shoe hoarder. I loved shoes more than I loved clothes. My obsession with buying them came back today because today plans went to shit and I went shopping. 

I was planning on going to an art exhibition today and I also had to work an extra hour today. Nevertheless, I worked until five, got pretty and before I went to the exhibition, I had to run to a shopping mall to the ATM and to pick up something. While I was doing my thing, my plans went to shit for reasons I will not specify or get into and what is a girl to do when her evening plans are cancelled and she is all alone in a shopping mall? 

I decided to visit some of the stores because I have had a desire to buy some knee-high boots but none of them fit. I could find my size, but the problem is that I couldn’t zip them up completely. I guess my calves are a bit chubby and I was about to give up when I wandered into the discount section of a store and there they were. My size, last size and 50% off. They aren’t knee high boots but they are nice little shoes and who can say no to 50% off?! 

Sometimes you don’t need plans, you just need a great pair of shoes to cheer you up that you can then wear to some other plans. I forgot how happy I used to be when I would buy new shoes. It’s really a type of happiness only recovered shoe hoarders understand. I just have to make sure my little shoe-shopping problem doesn’t come back.  

And yes, I am writing this while wearing my new shoes because that’s just the type of person that I am.  


5 thoughts on “Me and my shoes

  1. Great bargain and as you say nothing like a good pair of shoes to you on the right foot forward! 🙂

  2. i only wear shoes when society requires it. mostly flip flops. my wife is opposite. she loves shoes and has this huge collection. i play with when we go shopping and tell her to look the other way when the shoe section comes up.

  3. I know your pain with finding knee high boots that zip up! So frustrating! But so satisfying when you find a pair that actually fit.

  4. “Sometimes you don’t need plans, you just need a great pair of shoes to cheer you up. . .” -Luna. Can I quote you sometimes? I just love this quote. I so agree with it. My thing is handbags and scarves. Nothing cheers me up like a colorful scarf and a beautiful new handbag. Merry Christmas and Happy 2022!

  5. I have the same problem, but with shopping clothes! My closet is overfilled and I really gotta fix up my closet one of these days. Oh well!

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