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Hello world! I decided to just check in today. I had such a great Saturday because I worked. No I’m not weird, I was just looking for a job for a very long time and I’m so excited about the bar I’ll be waitressing in. Also, today I just want to talk about going for things.

I’ve sent a message to the FB page of this bar months ago and they just responded this week because they haven’t seen the message before. They called me in to have a chat and the next thing I know this morning I was working a 7-hour shift. This just proves that you need to go for something. I was looking for jobs to fall into my lap, applying to jobs dozens of students with more experience applied and I sent this one message to a bar that wasn’t looking for a waitress and it came at the perfect time because I was really getting desperate. My  point it, no matter how scared you are of doing things such like this, just do it. You’ve got nothing to lose. If you want something, just try to get it. And if you fail, try some more.

So this morning my shift started at eight and the first time I had to clean up a table I almost dropped the tray and made a lot of noise. I was so embarrassed because I was already messing up and I wasn’t even working for 10 minutes. I seriously need a job so I had to pull myself together. The rest of the day went perfectly. The girls I work with are fun and chill. The atmosphere is great, the guests are polite and the bar has a beautiful interior design.

Even though my feet and my arms were killing me after arriving home, I felt so fulfilled. Lately I had a feeling like I was just wasting my time on nothing and having a job, no matter how hard it can be to find a balance between a job and my university, really gives me that certain push I need to just keep going, keep working on myself. And also every job is a new experience.

I don’t want to just ramble on here, so I’ll share a picture with you.

This was me on Women’s day showing all kinds of legs at my favorite wine bar. Before seeing this picture I didn’t even realize how short this pants were (yes, I’m wearing pants). But still it was a fun night and I love the picture!

Hope you’re having a wonderful, productive weekend!

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Fri-yay Morning

GOOD MORNING! Thought it would be a good idea to check in with you. I feel like happiness slapped me in the face.  I’ve finally slept a whole night. The night before I went to bed around 3:30 and woke up at 7 because I had an exam and I was exhausted so I decided to take it easy after the exam. I even treated my fat self with some chocolate. It was so good, it’s the first time I’ve tried this one.

milka chocolate

Besides my sleeping routing, my eating routine is also a big mess. I’m not some fit girl or anything like that but I just try to make healthy choices due to some of my health issues and it also makes me feel better but the last few weeks I’ve been living on junk food, sugar and coffee. I’ve decided to pick a better version this morning so I’m having my favorite cinnamon-banana-honey oatmeal and black coffee. When I’m done with my breakfast I’ll surf the internet a bit and then I’ll do some cardio. Haven’t done that in a while now.


Again today I’m in for hours of studying but at least at night I’m going out with my girl. We’re celebrating a birthday. Can’t wait to just have some fun and not be under all of this stress. Hope you’re also having some amazing plans for tonight. Have fun!

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