I’m a dumb smart person

Have you ever had one of those moments when you feel like a stupid smart person? I was always a great student, went to university, passed all my exams on time, I am a fast learner, I speak more than one foreign language… I am not writing my CV here, I am just stating that I know there’s something in this head of mine.  

Now, why am I a stupid smart person? I have some things I wanted to work on including my blog, YT channel and a course I want to take so I decided to download a weekly planner sheet on to my laptop and plan out my week, but only business days. I am experimenting with planning so I want to see if I can leave my weekends for myself or will I put in the course I started listening to on Saturday because the lectures are longer. It’s all online, not live so I am flexible with the lectures.  

So I started with my plan this week. I got my daily tasks done yesterday and then in the evening I sat down to check out what I have to do the next day and one of the things on my agenda was filming a Youtube video and editing it the next day.  

And then I got up this morning, checked my planner one more time and I had to add “packing” to my Friday agenda because on Saturday I am going home. And then it hit me. I also had “Edit video” under Friday agenda and I got confused because I was supposed to film the video today. I felt lost, like I lost a day in the week and then I realized I did lose a day in the week because I am a stupid smart person. 

My work week started on Tuesday because Monday was a holiday in Croatia. I started with the planner on Tuesday but I started from Monday on the planner. I was constantly one day behind because I started on the wrong day.  

So yeah, I guess that some tasks such as “Edit video” will be done during the weekend.  

Wow. Just wow. Slow clap for myself. Patting myself on the back.

Just a dumb smart person here. 


3 thoughts on “I’m a dumb smart person

  1. I really love and admire your writings. It teaches me and I’ve learnt a lot through your words. Thank you Luna.

  2. Don’t worry. Practice makes perfect!

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