My Graduation Ceremony

I know I promised to have this post up on Wednesday but unfortunately I’ve been so tired and occupied the last few days that I didn’t come around to it but here it is now. I had my bachelor’s degree graduation ceremony on Tuesday. I have a bachelor’s in Italian and Spanish philology. I’ve spent Monday and Tuesday in Zadar, the city where I studied, and it was amazing. I didn’t even know how much I needed to get back to that city, see my friends, feel like a student again and just remind myself that my current situation is just temporary (but I will write another post about it). I invited my mother, uncle, friends Ivana and Isabella to attend the ceremony and later on we went to a bar to drink a round of shots and we had a pleasant lunch at a restaurant. Here are some pics for you!

Just checking in!

Hello everybody!
I just wanted to say I am sorry for not being active the last two days and especially today. I was actually in Zadar because of my bachelor’s graduation ceremony and I just got home. I hope you won’t hold it against me. Tomorrow I will be posting pics from the ceremony and telling you all about it.

Sending love and positive vibes,

Poem #129 – The Bleeding Sun

I saw the sun bleeding so much beauty
over the sea while it danced to the sound
playing in my head all day.

Like it listened, like it heard the struggle
I’m in. Like it understood that I needed peace.

I thought to myself – if the sea can be beautiful
in its riot of drops and waves than I can find
one thought that will keep me on my feet.

So much has happened and so much has
changed. Even the sun is disappearing from my
horizon. But soon after the moon rose and it
reminded me why I decided to share the name with him.

So strong even when he’s small. The only light
in the dark nights. He always finds a way to show
himself, no matter how many times he disappears.

Inspire me and revive me. Give me new
meaning and lead me. Moon, you messenger
that there is always something good to be found
even in the darkest night, help me sleep tonight.

Life exhausted me and left me sitting on this
beach and I feel alone but that’s alright because
I’m looking at the sun bleeding so much beauty over
the sea and setting the territory for the moon to share some
light upon the lost.

It’s hard to write today

Today is a hard day to write something and I don’t have any backup writing for days like this. Last night, around 11, I came back to Zadar. It was so hard for me to leave my family and my BFF Isabella. It’s not that I got too used to being at home, it’s that Zadar is not where I want to be anymore.

I already addressed this problem in my post I got my Bachelor’s degree and today I’m just dealing with some bad feelings about being back in Zadar and about going back to the university. I just don’t think it’s the right path for me. Despite being completely aware of needing a time off from the university and exploring my options I decided to enroll to grad school because I was just scared that if I take a year off I won’t be able to find a job or that I will just fail. Honestly, I feel so bad about letting fear control me and for making me take this decision I knew I didn’t want to take from the start.

It’s not that I’m completely stuck. I actually applied for a job in the UK. There is this agency from Slovenia that recruits people to go and work abroad. My first meeting is this week and I’m really nervous about it. I hope they’ll like me and call me for a second meeting. It would be lifesaving for me to find a job in the UK or in any other country in Europe because I have this overwhelming feeling that I just need to change something, get out of Croatia, break this routine I’m in.

So, sorry if I just rambled on here but I told myself I will always be honest on my little blog and that’s what I did today. If I get some inspiration I will publish something later in the evening. I am just taking this day to get my mind straight and to prepare for my first lectures tomorrow. If any of you have some advice or experiences with this type of situation feel free to leave a comment or send me a message on my social media.

Love you all!

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Dinner time

So, I’ve decided to do more random posts and I hope you will like it. Today I was running around my university getting all of the paper necessary to officially obtain my bachelor’s degree after which I had coffee with my friends and it started to rain like crazy. We had to get to the car and we were soaking wet. There was water literally pouring down my face and arms and I had to squeeze the rain out of my hair before getting into my apartment to have a nice, long shower. The rains in Zadar can get crazy, trust me.

The day after tomorrow I am going home to my mommy for a while so I have my “clean the fridge” action going on. I am absolutely against throwing food away and there’s a bunch of veggies and fruits in my fridge so I’m just trying to eat or freeze everything there is. This gives me the opportunity to eat large, delicious meals like this one.

I have me some chicken breasts cooked on olive oil, steamed broccoli and yellow beans, a bit of onion (love to put it in everything), some kidney beans, rye bread and tzatziki. One of the things people sometimes think is weird about me is how much I love to eat broccoli. I am the child every parent wants LOL.  I am trying to eat healthier and exercise and I just killed it with this dinner. I am so full!

For tonight I think I’ll tune in with some videos by Jay Shetty. I recently joined his Genius Group and I’m catching up with everything and all of the videos. I just find him to be so amazing and able to inspire people to become better.

I hope you are having a great evening or day (depends where you are from). Thank you for reading, love you so much!

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I got my Bachelor’s degree

So I passed my last final exam today which was the Spanish exam! I officially now have a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Italian…. And I’m not at all excited.

When I got my bachelor’s in Italian I was over the top happy. I remember having drinks with my friend at one in the afternoon. We were so happy and pleased with ourselves and today this was a complete humiliation. I wasn’t all that prepared and I was convinced that I will not pass. To be honest, I was kind of looking forward to taking a year off university to work or maybe even go somewhere but I still decided to give it one last shot and took the exam. It was an oral exam and it was so awful. The professors made fun of me, started questioning me about the reasons for which I even started studying Spanish. They just said a lot of things that were actually very hurtful. I do admit, again, that I was not well prepared but then they could have told me to come back in a year and not behave so rude towards me.

It’s just an off day for me today and I don’t feel excited about getting my bachelor’s and going further with my education. I always wanted to have a masters in Spanish and Italian but I think I will only go with the Italian. I have a few days to decide and I just can’t think of a solution.

Anyways my day sucks big time! I think I’ll spend the rest of the evening snuggled under a blanket with a book and…well I’m not going to lie, I’m drinking beer today. I need it. Hope you’re having a great day!

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Tourist in Zadar

Tourist in Zadar

I’m baaaaaaaaaack! Last summer I did the exact same thing and I just disappeared from Instagram and my blog but I’m back now. The reason for this is the same as last year – I was working. This year I was a waitress on an island called Premuda. It was a good experience for me but it was also exhausting. Working with people is never easy and also I worked a lot, spent a lot of time standing and walking around. All in all the job had its advantages and disadvantages.

I came back to Zadar on the 20th of this month and I’ve been trying to rest, study for my exams, get back to a better diet and working out. My friend came to Zadar for a couple of days and I did what I love to do every summer in Zadar – I behaved like a tourist. Spending days on the beach, roaming around in the evening, drinking cocktails, eating, exploring the city… It was just great!

I didn’t make a lot of pictures but here are some of them. I hope you like them and have a nice weekend! I’ll try to be more active again, I promise!

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