Tourist in Zadar

I’m baaaaaaaaaack! Last summer I did the exact same thing and I just disappeared from Instagram and my blog but I’m back now. The reason for this is the same as last year – I was working. This year I was a waitress on an island called Premuda. It was a good experience for me but it was also exhausting. Working with people is never easy and also I worked a lot, spent a lot of time standing and walking around. All in all the job had its advantages and disadvantages.

I came back to Zadar on the 20th of this month and I’ve been trying to rest, study for my exams, get back to a better diet and working out. My friend came to Zadar for a couple of days and I did what I love to do every summer in Zadar – I behaved like a tourist. Spending days on the beach, roaming around in the evening, drinking cocktails, eating, exploring the city… It was just great!

I didn’t make a lot of pictures but here are some of them. I hope you like them and have a nice weekend! I’ll try to be more active again, I promise!

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