Checking in

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday! I have been lazy and didn’t do anything since Thursday because on Thursday I was finally done with my exams. I passed every single one of them!

My lectures start again on Monday so I took these three days to relax completely. I’ve been cooking, watching some movies, when to drinks with my friend Karla so here’s a picture of my outfit.

We also had a little misfortunate event on Thursday. We had planned to celebrate the ending of the exams by going to the theatre and have drinks afterwards. I got all dressed up and ready to go but when we got to the theatre the tickets were sold! There aren’t many plays I’m interested in here in Zadar but I really wanted to see this one and I was so disappointed. We ended up having drinks and it was great but still I regret not seeing the play.

I just wanted to check-in a little bit and wish you all a happy Sunday. May you laugh, have fun and eat good food today! Love you!


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