Where did I disappear?

It has been a century since I posted anything and there is a good explanation for it. I’ve been (pardon my French) working my ass off this whole summer and I’ve literally opened my laptop twice. I haven’t even been active on my Instagram account. My job was of a receptionist at a Hotel in Poreč but later on I also became a waitress and sort of a bartender. It’s a really long story but I honestly had no time to post anything. Here are some of my work outfits for you guys.  


When I finished my job I came home to my mommy in Zabok and spent some quality family time with her and my baby nephew. Currently I’m back in Zadar where I start my third year at the university. I just have to brag about the cuteness of my baby nephew.  


Yesterday I spent the morning with my mom in Zadar. This was the first time I had the chance to go around town with her any just chill. She was with me for three days and she just cleaned and cooked in my apartment. She barely let me take her out to show her around town. My mommy is kind of overly attached and addicted to having everything around her clean and she is also like a grandmother because she can’t stand to see me not eating for a minute. You know how mothers are hahaha 

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