Take-it-easy evening

So my lectures at the university start tomorrow…

I’m fine but also having minor panic attacks. I did work my ass off this summer and dreamed about coming back to Zadar but now that I’m here realizing this is my third year and how much things I have to get done this year it’s honestly freaking the life out of me.

Also my lectures schedule is awful. On Wednesdays I’m at the university from 8 AM to 8PM with one two hour break but on Mondays I don’t have lectures until noon so that makes me feel a bit better about that horrible schedule.

I took the evening to myself and considering the work I will be doing this year these types of evenings will be a must do for my mental health.  I lit up my Mountain Berry  Blossom scented candle,  had a warm shower, cleaned my face, put a face mask on, ate chocolate, scrolled through Instagram and started watching The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s been my desire to watch it for a very long time and what better time to start than the day before my lectures begin. #responsible.

Also I recently had some serious problems with my skin so I’ve been looking for some products to help me. My skin is very sensitive to pretty much everything. The first products I’ve been buying are from Bioderma and Biobaza. It’s a bit early to give any reviews but as soon as I have something interesting it will be on the blog.

So this is it from me for this post. Good luck to everyone going to hell like me tomorrow. May the odds be ever in your favor! Don’t forget to stalk me on Instagram, like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.
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