This week was all about catching up with work on time. Every students says he will do his tasks on time and this year I’m actually trying to do it and it’s… Well boring as hell.  

I had to spend 5 hours I the office for students to enroll in the new semester and it was exhausting but I made it through. Today I only had two lectures and I had a coffee and went on to have pizza with my birthday girl Gabrijela. We strolled around town for a while and then I went back home. 

Today’s outfit is pretty casual. I love this jacket which I got at a sort of a vintage shop. I think it has a great print so I bought it and also it was very cheap. I paired it with my new ankle boots, a simple black skirt and jeans shirt.  

This is pretty much it from me for today. Hope you are all having a wonderful week. Kisses!
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