90% of the people who know me are familiar with the fact that I love to watch cartoons whether it’s Looney Tunes, Sponge Bob or some Disney cartoon. By the way, I’m 21, I stopped living with my family when I was 19, I am a student and have a job. F*ck adulthood, let’s talk about my favorite Disney Movie of all times. 

Moana is the queen, better said the chief’s daughter and she is an ultimate girlboss. So, she grew up on an island and it was forbidden to go across the reef. Moana had a strong desire to sail and it was actually in her blood because her people were voyagers in the past. The stopped voyaging because Demigod Maui stole the heart of Te Fiti to give power of creation to the people and because of his act Te Ka was poisoning the islands.  

Here’s also a lesson about how you should treat women. If you are nice to us we will be this cute. 

But if you steal our heart and run away with it we’ll turn into this and break your hook, if you know what I’m talking about… (people who watched the movie know what I’m actually talking about, no hidden meaning) 

The ocean chose Moana to sail across the sea and get Maui to restore the heart of Te Fiti.  That girl just got on a boat, taught herself how to sail, found Maui and you can see the rest in the movie.  I like Moana’s character because she is a boss, relentless, sticks to what she knows, looks fear in the eyes and she just takes care of bussiness. That’s my kind of girl and I think this is a very #girlboss type of movie and that’s why  I like it. It’s also funny and the soundtrack is entertaining.  

I know it’s been a year since the movie hit the theatres but I just love it and felt like sharing it with you.  

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