Poem #16

It was easy getting naked in front of you
letting you run your hands all over me.
But my soul, I left her concealed like a delicate
flower inside my chest. She’s been through
enough, she needs to rest. As for this sculpture
you have in your bed, it’s just body parts
nothing else. You won’t own me, you won’t
have me until my soul is naked in that bed as well.

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4 thoughts on “Poem #16

  1. I absolutely love this.

  2. I wonder how can someone separate their soul from their body whenever intimate with someone else? I have asked this question to sex workers (prostitutes) and none of their answers have successfully solved this mystery for me.

  3. It’s like driving a car along a lonely country road on a warm sunny day vs driving that same car on a rush hour freeway in LA in a thunderstorm . . . if you’ve done both then you’d know the difference 🙂

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