How can a man be so lucky,
to attract the love of an angel?

How can I criticize her love,
when she shows such compassion

I watch her endless tolerance,
forgiveness she gives to everyone

We all need one rabid advocate,
unreasonably in love with us

No need for “friendly” observers
Give me God-driven grace

My name is Von Smith, I have written nearly 4,000 haiku this year.  My website is:   Above the Noise.  I also write other forms of poetry, short stories, and have two work-in-progress novels.  My love is  my wife; my view is prosaic; I like to read and to binge (the gerund of binge could be binging, but that is too close to Bing ing😉 quality series, and watching engaging movies.

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  1. 👍👍👌well written

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