Let’s be grateful

Lately, with The Poetry Bar and all, I’ve been all about communicating more with you, being more interactive so I came up with another little project for us.

2018 is coming to an end in just a few days. For me it has been a very long year filled with all types of excitement and change, but it was also filled with defeats and pain. I’ve learned a lot this year, met some great people, made some steps forward and I believe that I became stronger when it comes to chasing my own happiness.

What I want you to do now is to reflect on your experiences this year and write in the comments what events, feeling, people etc. are you grateful for this year. Write from 1 to 5 things. Even more if you want! All of your lovely comments will be published in a little gratitude post on my blog and make sure to place links to your blogs in the comments as well.

I believe that gratitude is a feeling we should all nourish because it helps us see the world through different eyes and to progress in life. Gratitude makes us aware of all the gifts we have and makes us feel more present in the world. I think this post will be very beneficial for everyone who writes and reads it.

I can’t wait to read all of your comments. Also, The Poetry Bar is still very much active so make sure to keep sending in your works there. All of the necessary info you can get by clicking here.

Love you all so much!

P.S. All of you are on my list of gratefulness.

6 thoughts on “Let’s be grateful

  1. You are so talented and generous, dear! May the New Year bring you happiness and joy!

  2. I am grateful that many of the experiences I’ve had this year are behind me, and I’m in a much better and more peaceful place now.

  3. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this each day, fantastic idea! Just sent a poem your way 😄

  4. Shhh… my ego enjoys knowing his comments are being posted a wee bit too much and I’d rather not spend all of new-years tied to a keyboard writing more however, my best to you my friend and I’m looking forward to the up coming year to bathe in more poetic…Luna. ; )

  5. I’m very happy that you have a job and you continue to write poetry. Your blog is an wonderful place for art of the words. Happy New Year and best greetings to you! 😀

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