Poem #72

I’ve trained my body to function with
only four hours of sleep at night.
I’ve trained my heart to let everything
go through verses scribbled in my notebook.
I’ve trained my feelings to go on
lockdown when they sense danger.
But still, I’m unable to train my mind to stop
reminding me that who I am and who I swore
I’ll be are fading away with each passing year.

16 thoughts on “Poem #72

  1. Funny about that, eh? We can train ourselves to do many things but those self-reflective moments we have no control over. Great writing!

  2. That last line❤️

  3. I haven’t seen the growth and transition of a human spirit put into such beautiful prose in a very long time. Exquisite…

  4. This reads like an essay, not a poem.

  5. I also didn’t really understand the thesis underlying the work.

  6. Well written….But heart is the core of everything. If one let’s go thing from the heart, mind won’t have any control over it. It’s all about the heart dear.

    1. Thank you for your comment!

  7. Such depth of passion in this write. I feel your words as if I was standing beside you as you typed them. Well done ~ Sandra G.

    1. Thank you 😊

  8. What a wonderful collection of words, like the freckles of the sun.

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