What shall I make of you

Not quite round,
Not quite square,
Can’t fit in this box
I have for you here.

.You can’t think that!
Let alone utter it.
People like you,
Must take what you get..

Taking up space,
As if you own it.
Standing so tall,
You’d better go sit!

.I’ll teach you
For acting ‘all that’,
How dare you defy me!
I’m all you’ve got..

But no, you insist
On just being you.
Tell me, dear girl,
What shall I make of you?

Larisa McBean

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My name is Larisa and I am from Jamaica. I love writing, traveling, and observing people (including myself). My writing is informed by these observations, especially my poems. I also write academic-type stuff connected to my work and what I’ve studied: I’m a tourism management professional and I do research on poverty reduction and economic development through tourism and social interventions. All-in-all, I’m a writer and I love the feeling it gives me to put words to thoughts and sights.

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10 thoughts on “What shall I make of you

  1. Lovely poem…

  2. That was wonderful Larisa.

  3. It’s a great skill to write so clearly about defiantly being yourself in a way that makes each reader feel it’s also about them.

      1. pleasure; it’s the truth 🙂

  4. Luna, thanks so much for using your platform to share my poem! And thanks everyone for sharing in it.

    1. You are welcome 😊

  5. Oh, I love the boldness! Especially the line ‘How dare you defy me!’.

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