Poem #113

We are all immoral in someone’s eyes
so why even bother living up to their standards?
The people most judged are the ones
acting according to their hearts.
But here in the world where we made
the public image the only thing that matters
we are crushing what lives inside of us.
Feelings, gut instinct, inner peace are
being made into something twisted and sick
while those fake smiles are praised to be glorious.
I guess I would rather be labeled immoral
than live to come off as acceptable in the public eye.

1 thought on “Poem #113

  1. To be adjudicated by a belief system I’m neither fully aware of nor subscribe to by my own choice is quite simply…sabotage; for the nefarious purpose of pretentiously appearing superior while self appointing themselves as the arbitrator whilst denying me the very luxury of the same rights they afford themselves. I don’t bend to the will of king-men, but instead bend like a willow, living love that flows to me, being myself.

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