Lately have been enduring tough times. My family and I have been broke. Lacking sufficient money to run day in day out activities like buying groceries and commuting. I have not been picking calls or answering texts. I have surfing all over internet for a mobile money lender to borrow to honor commitments, debts and bills. As if that’s not enough my fiancée is due in four months and balanced diet is essential all time.

My colleague at the office had been going through tougher times in his life,Peterson had been thrown out by his wife following a heated argument. He confessed, he had to move out for his two year son to have a good time, away from their toxicity arising from their heated arguments.

All through from Monday we’ve arriving office sadder and gloomy than previous day,listening to sad music and telling sad stories,  till one evening I was walking home from wok a track sped past me playing my favorite song “Slap police for your case ” Teni, it had the writings ‘AMACO International Volleyball Tournament’.

My heart must have skipped a beat, I wasn’t going to miss it.

Friday, I arrived easier than Peterson read details of the event online and talked to him to come along,he couldn’t turn me down last time I took him for the National Cross Country, he loved it.

Saturday dressed sporty we checked in office, read mails and completed a number of errands,walked downtown to our favorite eatery to eat Githeri and Chapati. Then left for the bus station,picked a matatu plying Eldoret- Kapsabet road [20BOB SACCO].

Ten minutes later we had arrived at Eldoret polytechnic stadium. End of my positivity post let pictures tell more…….and so you know we had much fun and more throughout Saturday to Sunday lived, laughed,cheered,shouted,loved…..


Picture story….!!!

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  1. Great post 🙂

  2. Waouh!
    Such a great reminder for us all. Looks like you had a fabulous time all together.

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