I need some positivity!

Hello Guys!

Just checking in because I need some positivity to be send my way. I failed my drivers exam today. AGAIN! It’s the second time. I just can’t. I’m desperate and going bankrupt because of a driver’s exam. I did everything right and in the last 3 minutes of the exam I didn’t stop at a stop sign (yes, I know it’s stupid) and I failed. I fucking failed again.

Then I went to DM, for those of you who don’t know what DM is it’s a store to buy makeup and all of that stuff, and then I saw this notebook. Have you ever felt a sudden urge to purchase something. I felt like this notebook was then and there to be purchased by me. Isn’t it pretty?

Anyways I’m kind of down but I am trying to stay positive despite everything. Now, let me see that positivity in the comments and yes you may make fun of me because I failed on such a stupid thing. GO!

27 thoughts on “I need some positivity!

  1. I know the feeling quite well. I failed several times as well coz nerves were taking over (the steering wheel). Everything was so simple but one mistake & then I was “done”.
    But the point is to not give up. I know it’s expensive. But I believe there’s a meaning in failing. If one ain’t ready, then one isn’t ready. If nerves were taking over, then I wasn’t ready. Eventually, you will win over & pass the test. Before test, calm yourself (/nerves) down, take deep breaths, listen to something soothing, meditate or do whatever makes you loose mind. Drive as if it’s not a test.

  2. Pretty notebook. The exams of life are important on first place. To be peaceful and lovely person. This is the greatest exam. You are amazing in this way. Believe in yourself!

  3. That was a rollercoaster read, it read like my mind works, chaos than switch.

    Birds of a feather flock together.


  4. AHHH! Sending over good vibes….for a successful 3rd attempt!
    Hereby ordered! Go forth and nail it!

  5. I failed twice and passed the 3rd time (barely) in driving….the positive of it is I have been a safe driver for 20 years. 😊

  6. Sending positive vibes your way!

  7. If it happens again, just look the instructor/supervisor in the eye and boldly state that stop signs are subjective.
    But I’m certain that next time you’ll pass. I know very few who get it the first time and quite a few who don’t get it the second. It’ll be a good story you can share later in life any way it turns out (but it WILL turn out with you having your license.)

  8. I failed the first time, and over here in the U.S. they say that’s normal! I passed the exam on the second try, got my license, got in the car and put the car in Drive instead of Reverse! My dad just chuckled! I only hit he curb and didn’t do any damage, so all was good!
    You’ll get there, I have faith!!
    Stay positive and choose happiness!

  9. Twas a stop sign that ended my first driver’s test. They need a stop sign crossing sign…even if it is stationary 😉

  10. Can’t make fun of you, I failed my second attempt driving test in exactly the same way about ten years ago! Don’t worry, you’ll get there!

  11. Aww, don’t worry! It happens to many people. Over here in Austria it’s quite normal that you have at least 2 attempts. Almost everyone I know made stupid mistakes the first time they took the exam. You can do it!! I’ll cross my fingers for you and Third time is a charm, right?!! <3 *sends positive vibes*

  12. I won’t laugh. I hate driving…
    Some days are tough but yes you’re right to buy this notebook – so cute.
    You’ll make it next time.

  13. *learnt

  14. I failed my drivers test twice because I couldn’t parallel park. But – third time’s the charm!

  15. The notebook is pretty 💕💕 I failed my drives test the first but nailed it the second time with the same instructor 🦋🌻

  16. There is reason to believe you will be a better driver for having paid so dearly for the right to drive. Perhaps that realization will save a life, yours or someone else. When things come too easily, they are not valued as highly. Thanks for sharing this bit about yourself.

  17. Don’t stress out about it too much. Mistakes happen but if you have to take the test again then its strengthening your morals i.e you’ll make sure next time that you stop at a stop sign, & that will make you a better driver 😊 the notebook is a nice way to deal with it positively

  18. Don’t let it get you down, the next time you”ll ace it! Great little note book, hope it lifted your spirit.

  19. Focus on the next time, you’ll do it!

  20. Luna
    Use that pretty notebook for a health and activity diary. Jot down what you ate and drank, sleep, weight, steps walked, your mood, the weather, your thoughts, your activities.
    See what works and what doesn’t. Develop blog ideas. No spell checker so your spelling will improve. Constant writing will improve your blogging. The chore of handwriting will make you concise and not verbose.
    Don’t worry about the drive test, most fail it when they’re raw students. It will come.
    Luckily you blew through the stop sign on the drive test, so you’ll think about it, pass your exam, and never do it again in real life.
    Good luck.
    PS-My beautiful ukulele contrabass is made by the Luna instrument company. I love it.

    1. This is a great idea for the notebook since I’ve been thinking about getting my health under control and to start eating better and maybe going to the gym!
      Thank you very much 😀

  21. Hey Luna, It’s really sad to know that but honestly, I failed four times. There were people mocking at me when I failed the third time. Even my driving instructor lost hope in me and asked me to back out but you know what I dint. I wanted to prove myself and I did the fifth time. The happiness after passing the fifth time was uncomparable. I was on top of the world as if I won a lifetime achievement award. It’s a fact when something you want is easy to achieve it’s not that exciting but after all the hardships and struggles when you achieve something, the feeling is just so great! Well, let me tell you my best friend failed her driving test 11 times and now she drives amazingly. People are just not tired praising her for her brilliant driving skills.

  22. Would be nice if we lived in a failure free world, obviously we don’t either personally or globally – trick is to mount up again
    and even to tilt at windmills if that’s what it takes.

  23. Look at it this way: in a baseball game, each player gets up to bat at least three times even on the worst of nights. In each at-bat, the player gets three strikes. Now, in baseball, a player who even gets a base hit one time out of three at-bats is batting .333 – and fans will be very excited about that player.

    You are still in your first at-bat. Don’t you dare count yourself out yet.

  24. See Rule #7. Keep your chin up.

  25. While you can’t change what happened, you can determine how you feel about it and therefore learn from it and move on into happiness and positivity! The only thing stopping you from succeeding next time is dwelling on your failures and saying “I can’t,” instead of realizing why you can.

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