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Hello everyone!

Lately I have been trying to stay active on my social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and let me just tell you that I suck at it. I am not a social media person but I am working on it because I know that social media can increase our blog stats and bring more people to The Poetry Bar and to your blogs!

I will put the links to all of the social media we have and I have a question for you. Which one do you prefer: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?



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Hello world!

I want to start this post by saying THANK YOU! Your feedback on The Poetry Bar has been even more than I expected. You are absolutely amazing writers, you support each other and you are so full of love. I was so overwhelmed the other day when I posted again the rules of The Poetry Bar and more and more emails kept coming my way. Whenever I see an email sent to The Poetry Bar I get all giddy and happy.

Since you love The Poetry Bar so much and I love you so much I came up with another idea. I was really bored at work the other day and my mind was racing as always as I was going through Instagram. I saw some really hateful comments under a post on my explore page and got to thinking how there are so much people who use this amazing gift of social media to spread hate and negativity. I want us to use it for a good purpose and that is to share our community, reach more authors and spread positivity through our work.

If all of you are up for it I would love to create an Instagram page for The Poetry Bar. There I would publish the works you have sent my way, tag you, link you IG pages and blogs in the description of the photos and all of that good stuff so you would gain exposure, people would read your work and of course, we would attract more people to send in their work, become open to the world with their poetry. Also, if you like to take pictures, you can also send them in with a quote from your poem. If you don’t own an IG page, it doesn’t really make a difference because I would make sure to give all of the credit for your poem to you, link your blog, emphasize the copyrights etc.

Tell me if you like this idea in the comments so that I can get down to business.

To go over the requirements for The Poetry Bar again:

  1. Send in a poem
  2. Write a few words about yourself (so that people could get to know you)
  3. Put the link to your blog (so that people could come to your blog, read more of your works, follow you and it will help you gain some exposure)
  4. Put a link to your Instagram profile so that I could tag you when I publish your work on The Poetry Bar Instagram page

The email address is poetrybar1@gmail.com

Sending love and positive vibes,


Today, 02:20 PM
Hey, how are you? I dreamt of you last night.
I cried for half an hour.

No. Don’t light up the fire I tried
so hard to contain inside of me.
Don’t try to walk through a door
it took me months to close.

Delete. Block.

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