Let’s activate Facebook

Hello guys!

Since starting my job as a community manager I realized it’s awful on my part that I don’t pay much attention to my social media such as Instagram, Facebook etc. I know I made a post asking you which is your favorite social media so that we can connect and I had the best intention of posting regularly which I didn’t do.

But now I am trying. I even created a little design for The Poetry Bar posts and I hope you will like it, you can see it below. You already know it that on FB we are called LUNA: https://www.facebook.com/luna.theblog/?ref=bookmarks

Make sure to check it out, show some support and tell me when I start getting lazy…again…

7 thoughts on “Let’s activate Facebook

  1. Neat, is there by any chance something on twitter?

    1. You know it @LunaTheblog 😀

  2. Exciting new beginning

    1. Let’s see how it will go!

  3. Girl, keep doing you. Rooting you on with your new job! You’re content is awesome so I will still be visiting. Much blessings to you. <3

    1. Thank you so much! This is such a positive, motivational comment 😀

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