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Obnoxious Hunger

Initially it had resided
Inside the belly;
Like a niggling pain,
A discomfort
That needed to be attended, prompt.
Humans learnt
that this was called hunger-
A manifestation of the body
to recharge by drawing nutrients
From natural substances
And sustain itself.
For some, this daily discomfort,
This recurring pain
Became an irritant
That needed elimination
Perhaps total extinction.
Then, there would be, they felt, peace.

So people began to stuff their belly,
In the hope of killing hunger
Snuffing out its last dregs
And reach a state of bliss.
Unfortunately, hunger proved cleverer
It jumped, migrated,
From the belly to the human mind
And made it its home.
Now our bellies may be bursting
But our minds are
In the throes of hunger constantly.
Hunger of different kinds-
Hunger for love,
Mutated varieties of hunger actually;
Some of them
Of the most obnoxious kind,
Leading to destabilisation
Of the natural equilibrium.

Copyright @ Goutam Dutta
A few lines about myself : 
Goutam is passionate about poetry and writes whenever and wherever something or someone touches his heart. He lives in Kolkata, India and writes poetry in English, Hindi and Bengali language. He has published two books on English poetry named “Hues of Life” and “Glimpses of life


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