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Songs of Reflection: Forbearing Stars of Time

A rose will bloom and die
A caterpillar may convert to a butterfly
A tree will stay up for the moon
A cicada will sing its last tune

To saunter through the fields under the forbearing stars
How they conjure peace and solitude from a distance so far
To cherish every breath of time before the last petal falls
How meager our considerations to savor this short life at all

-Toxic Scribe

My name is Sean-Paul Kosina, also known by my pen/username, Toxic Scribe. My interests in writing have been on and off since middle school, however, I did not truly make it a recreational habit since the past few years. I write poems, short stories, and essays on down-to-earth topics of life, and the individual experience. The one (among many others) who sparked my love for writing is Fyodor Dostoevsky, a Russian novelist who lived throughout the mid 1800s, most notable for ‘Crime and Punishment‘ and ‘Brothers Karamazov’. Much of his work focuses on the elements of human existence (existentialism), specifically profound thoughts on religion, societies, and human suffering composed in his picturesque stories. I also must credit other great writers such as Joan Didion, John Calvin, Hannah Arendt, Omar Khayyam, Emily Dickens, Rabindranath Tagore, Saint Augustine of Hippo, and Saint Teresa of Avila. A fabric of men and women, both past and present, and the world around me have established my passion as a writer. I am working two jobs while striving towards my education, with determination to major either in education or english.
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