The Line

There is a line I live above,
A thin veneer of trust and love,
To cross that line; I dare not,
Beyond where faith and fear fight,
There is a blot,
All is dark; black as night,
And light penetrates not so far,
As your heart.

So above the line I live,
And I give…and give… and give…

But I too have a line,
It is the line I place on you,
It is there… but yet,
I know not where,
It is my bottom line.
But I will know,
When it’s been violated,
When power and control can no longer be tolerated.

Though I absorb and yield and hold,
I feel my heart growing cold.

But that final violation,
I will know,
When your cruel words,
Mark their tender blow,
When you strike,
And destroy my very core,
Then will I know I can take no more,
My Darling, I will close the door.

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I am in the 7th decade of my wayleadsontowaylife. I am a retired English teacher with a love for people, life and words. I am a Poet, Story Teller, Writer, Learner, Blogger, Teacher and Speaker. I believe in walking lightly on the globe; I love the Earth, nature and gardening. I am a seeker of Truth and Wisdom. I value kindness and in all areas of life live by the motto; First do no Harm. I am a Christian, a wife, mother, mother in law, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend and fellow sojourner. As my blog unfolds I hope I am able to humbly share my loves and many of the lessons learnt along the way. I am Estelle Deshon,


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4 thoughts on “The Line

  1. Wow. Good lines.

    Visit my blog too if time permits. It would be great to have a word from a experienced person like you.

  2. Beautiful. Very relatable.

  3. Loving the stunning emotion and imagery in this piece!

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