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Whispers of the Trees

Blessed be the whispers of the trees.
Their rustling leaves calm
the wandering soul who,
through the forest,
treads with ease,
the soft crunch beneath falling feet
releasing a fragrant peace that rises
from the ancient ground,

whose covenant with Mother Earth
ensures the breath of life
billows from the dirt as a
sun-flecked silence, sent
from God, to banish the anxious feelings
and austere ways of man

by nature’s means, her voice
heard again on the call of the wind
and answered by the creaking bark
with a wizened cry that falls
on the still ear
as it proceeds to follow
the untamed voice of reason.

My name is Gareth and I live in Wales. I have always written, for as long as I can remember. It is the one form of communication by which I feel I can express myself most fully, truthfully, and confidently. I have recently returned to poetry during lockdown, having wandered off to write reviews, essays, and to undertake a Masters degree, over the last few years. Much of what I write touches on my personal experience of Christianity, spirituality, mental health, nature, the arts, and everyday life.

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