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My dad and my cool buddy ,
The best gift l could have ever achieved ,
The strong titan to crush the evil powers ,
The only hero l believe !!

You are the wind under my wings ,
And my all time ATM….
You are the one who always lends his ears ,
Whenever are risen troubles !!!

You are a chip of the old block ,
Having an organised life ,
Without forgetting the importance of fun ,
Munching at night was a habit already begun !!!

Alike are our hobbies ,
Greatest foodies are we ,
And travel bugs next travelling to London soon ,
With a great joyous smile on our faces after the refreshing poop !!

The innumerable times I counted on you,
And you never let me down…
My constant pillar of support ,
You deserve a crown !!

Maggi is our all time favourite snack ,
Suitable for all times ,
Midnight hunger pangs are a daily habit ,
We fix it up together as it is not a matter of sometime !!!!

Watching movies with you is spellbinding ,
Though it is never of our choice ,
With the remote always in you hand ,
May it be in our hands next time , try and understand!!

Troubling you was always supported by my inner voice ,
I made you nuts ,
I made you grey ,
I know you still love me anyway !!

To the world ,
You may not be a hero ,
But to me ,
You are the most incredible super hero !!

Happy father’s day !!! Love you


About : hey … this is Kripaa… a thirteen year old .. from India ( the city of taj  : Aga ) through my poems I wish to bring a change … a change in society… a change in the world … I haven’t written a book nor am a famous author but still hoping for you to enjoy !!!


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