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Lost in the Crowd

A small person
lost in the crowd.

It’s very obvious
That you don’t know me.
Because most of you
don’t seem to care about
A small person
lost in the crowd.

Have you ever known
How it feels to be lost?
Lost in a crowd
filled with great men?
No you don’t!
You don’t care to know!
A small person
Lost in the crowd.


Poem by – Srijit Chatterjee

Hi, this is Srijit Chatterjee, a twenty-one year old writing enthusiast from India. I love to write stories and poems. Besides being passionate about writing, I am an avid reader too.
I feel reading and writing forms an essential part of our life; especially when we wish to grow and transform, not only in materialistic aspects, but also as human beings. I often quote this line when I’m told to express my feelings about writing – “Words find their purpose when they touch the hearts of the readers.”
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