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I Am All and Nothing

I am small,
small in my views,
I leave little trace,
only a few.
I am big,
bigger than allowed,
my stance is truth,
and my news is loud.
I am closed,
closed in my mind,
I search for security,
but cannot find.
I am open,
open to change.
I blow with the wind,
and my thoughts rearrange.
I am ground,
under my feet,
bury me there,
when death I meet.
I am tree,
rooted deep.
Reaching for the sun,
under shadowy sleep.
I am wolf,
howling at the moon.
Seeking my clan,
and knowing who.
I am rain,
dropped from the sky
where I go now,
I know not why.
I am Ocean,
vast, deep and wise.
Primordial Mother,
from HER I rise.
I am All and Nothing
and everything between.
When I’m awake,
I’m dreaming.

Valley Reed © 8/9 2020


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