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Parenting from the Heart

Within my heart – your heart resides.
Hearts forever connected.
I need your love to survive.
Heartbeats dancing – never neglected.
Hearts interlaced – always protected.

Please know my unconditional love.
Feel it everyday.
A love so pure – it will never betray.

My sweet baby,
I am you and you are me.
My first love – so pure.
So natural and free.

I love you how the sun loves the earth.
Surrounding it everyday – with light and beauty.

I love you long before your birth.
When you were just a tiny spec.
A Mother’s love is my blessed duty.

A Love graciously complex.
It differs from the rest.

As years pass it gets tough.
Guiding you from wrong and right.

Some days we both have had enough.
We end up in a fight.

A power struggle so intense.
It’s given all the might.

It drains my entire soul.
Hurts my heart so bad.

I don’t want to give consequences –
but it’s the special role that I have.
It never means that I don’t love you or that I don’t want you.
It never means our hearts have separated.
Or that they have fallen apart.
I come from a place of love,
it’s parenting from the heart.

About writer • Hi, my name is Toni Love and I am new to the blog world. I write poetry mainly about my experiences of being a Mother. I will also be writing about love, family and various topics that reconcile with me. Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you enjoy this poem you can view my new poetry blog here:

Instagram: @lovewithlittles


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