Is it only me???

It’s been a decade now,
Since we last saw each other.
But it still hurts me to know,
That you’ve moved on with another.

I still remember our times together,
When we talked about ‘happily ever after’.
Sometimes I can’t help but wonder,
Is it only me, or do you also still remember?

Every other night, I look at your picture,
And reach for my phone to dial your number.
But if I really called, would it be a bother?
Is it only me, or do you also still suffer?

I still listen to the same songs,
That you used to sing only for me.
I try my best to stay strong.
Is it only me, or do you also still think of me?

It’s so damn crazy, how I never knew,
That I could never move on to someone new.
It’s sad that you’ll never know how I long for you,
Is it only me, or do you wanna come back to me too?

Surakshya Kiju, a.k.a. Coco, is a 23-years-old girl who is passionate about writing. She is a blogger at Poems From Heart, where she pours her heart out, laying bare her emotions as she portrays the world through her eyes. Her poems—which range from rhymes to sonnets—have been published in literary magazines. Each day, she strives for self-improvement, even as she inspires others through her own poetry. Please check out her blog at : .


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