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I’m sorry, so very sorry
I couldn’t be all those things
You wanted me to be, and still be me
Can you really look me in eyes;
And tell me you’re surprised?
Know it hurts me just as painfully
Even to think that I somehow
I’ve let you down, in both our minds
I’m sorry, so very sorry
But my heart can’t forgive
You wanting someone else
And still expecting me to hang around
Just in case you change your mind
I’m still breaking down inside
No- I’m sorry, so very sorry
I can’t live up to your dark expectation
My heart won’t let that happen
And over time this pain might subside
But I won’t change my mind
Baby- this is goodbye
I’m sorry, so very sorry
Of how love needs to be…for me

Poet of the Light © 2020

I’m just an American poet sharing some of my writings with those who might relate to them or find them inspirational. Feel free to visit my page here on WordPress  Whispers of a poet’s heart collections, found at,


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